Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It's man cave time!

John took the dogs out this morning and came in to report that Bradley has taken back up the building of his cave out back.  Last year he had dug the cave a good 15 feet deep.  When fall rolled around and temperatures started to dip, we were having to cover it up on nights that would be too cool for him to stay out over night.  The last night he beat us to it and we had to rip up a large part of his cave to get him out and bring him in to safety.

So now that it's getting warmer, Bradley has decided it's time to get his man cave back in order.  I walked out to see dirt flying from his hole in the ground.  I ran back in to get the camera and ran to his entry and he stopped moving.  I stood there a while and he finally started digging again.  I turned the camera on, aimed, and he stopped!  Gah!!!

I got four photos before I gave up.  I tried the video too, waiting patiently and quietly hoping he'd start to dig but all I got was video of a stubborn little man, refusing to dig or do much more than barely move.  What a brat!

When I was out at nine this morning I noticed Sherm and Panz together.  He had positioned his head against her side, a position that usually means he's about to start ramming her until she consents to mating.  With temps nearly 90 degrees and humidity much to high for a human already, I didn't wait around to confirm anything.  Based on their past behavior I'm sure it means they've started again, but I can't confirm.

Found last night the house we wanted in Georgia had sold.  We've started looking in the Birmingham area.  I have a feeling it'll be a year or so before this house sells and we can move, but I did find some promising places there.  Maybe we'll find something and Bradley and Frankie can walk in a parade together some day!

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