Sunday, May 29, 2011

It's been quiet in the playground

Sherman has finally moved to another sleeping spot, away from the nest.  Normal for them.  She and Panz mated one time after the completion of the nest but we haven't seen them since.  Phew!  She's back to her normal self, following us all around the yard when we are out there. 

Panzer is in an eating frenzy.  We went from the grass being so high that we had to trim it a month ago to now it being all cropped down.  Makes it easier for us since we don't have to take shears out there and cut it by hand!

Bradley is in speed racer mode.  He's always been the most active of the three, doing laps all around the yard as fast as he can.  Once we get moved I'll start taking him on walks.  I'm hoping that eventually he will be so good at walking with me instead of me chasing after him that he can walk in some marathons to benefit some of our favorite charities.  Another sulcata, Frankie, has walked in the Do Dah Day parade in Birmingham.  The photos look like he's just loving life and I'd love to be able to enjoy that with at least one of the shell kids!  He trains daily though, so I guess it's time for me to get off my butt and start walking too, huh?  It would be pretty embarassing if I got left behind by a tortoise!

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