Thursday, July 14, 2011

The new enclosure adventure

The weather was nice enough a couple weeks ago, so we moved all three shell kids out to the area where their new enclosure will be.  Because it's such a large area it will take us a while to get the entire thing enclosed.  In the meantime we take them over there as often as we can so they can munch on all the grass and weeds they can eat.  Their current enclosure has been eaten to the ground with a few new shoots coming up, but certainly not enough to keep them fed.  When they're not in the new area we have to cut grass and weeds for them from other areas of the land, usually from the pasture.

When we took them out this time I brought the camera along and got some good shots of each of them.  I also got a picture of John carrying Bradley and Panzer and you can see how big they've gotten.  Panz has exceeded 100 pounds, so he's 'moveable' but not really carryable anymore.  We're going to have to get a cart for him and Sherm very soon.  Bradley is much more manageable at around 40 pounds.  Sherm is probably right at or close to 100.  She'd been nearly Panzer's weight but has dropped a slight bit.  Perhaps because she's laid her eggs?

Panzer's photos.  Keep in mind John is 6'3" and well over 200 pounds himself.  Just for perspective on how big Panz is!

And of course, Momma AKA Sherman!

And the baby, Bradley!